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An attempt to catalog my Facebook Posts until when and if I use the ideas in formal essays and columns
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FacebookPosts FB An attempt to catalog my Facebook Posts until when and if I use the ideas in formal essays and columns

I’m BobFrankston on Facebook. Note that I usually post publicly, so there isn’t a strong need to friend me. So, I apologize in advance for the backlog of requests I haven’t responded to. Typically, nothing personal – just one more thing to think about.

Note that I list more polished posts and my columns as “Further Reading”.

It’s easier to post simple thoughts on Facebook than to create a formal posting. Eventually, I hope to consolidate these thoughts into formal essays. In the meantime, I’m providing a list of Facebook posts that might be of interest to others. Please forgive the typos and consider them mulls-in-progress.

Facebook does have the advantage of providing an opportunity for a conversation – something I haven’t implemented on my site.

I’ve done very little posting on Quora but plan to list any new postings here.

I’ll attempt to list these in reverse chronological order, and, at times, any summary may be longer than the original post. I’m going to try to use * or † for posts I do want to follow up on in a longer essay or a column. But probably won’t bother.

I’m not adding LinkedIn and others.

Direct pointers to Gripes, Fails

(Note some of these links aren’t getting properly converted – at some point, I’ll figure out the bug)

Chosen posts

Miscellaneous Posts

Closed Groups

Mainly so I can find them



  • PODJT Thoughts on accidental winning.



By Topic



Gripes in progress

Windows File Explorer

  • So much potential
    • View by attributes (but only some)
    • Thumbnail manipulation
    • Illusion for Windows
  • Windows 95 compatibility
    • Hard to write managed extensions
  • Legacy of WinCE file transfer protocol
  • Lack of PaperPort capabilities
  • Vs. Internet Explorer
  • Failure to embrace the metaphor
    • OneDrive online
    • OneNote tec.
  • Perhaps for file system extensions
  • RemoteApp


I’m going to start to use the tag #Fail for some posts. Partially to avoid having too many marked #gripe but also to be about more specific encounters.

Software, Programming and Disconnectivity

To a degree the concepts behind software pervade my writings so this isn’t a distinct category, but I’ll attempt to group some of the appropriate writings here.

Expert History

The DNS (Domain Name System)

Telecom Legacy

Programming and Software

Home Control

CES 2018


A lot is politics, so I may not always list here.


Real History of Online

Shelly Support

Other’s posts

Not Public

Others on Medium

Other Press

Pretty: Pictures and the like

Figure 2With Seth on Skywalk at Grand Canyon

Figure 3Stawman -- will use it to respond on FB

Notes to Self

  • Write about first system effect and NodeJS
  • Geek out
    • Shelly and Habitat
    • Perimeter security – physical vs. virtual
    • One IP network – many quirky Zigbees
    • Discovered cloud dependencies with loose wire
  • Write about data and linking
    • Everything in JSON
    • Semantic web??
  • JavaScript ecosystem.