Why Can't We Be Like South Korea?
We need to be careful about what we ask for and heed the lessons of Minitel which was the future in 1980 but lacked the dynamic of the Internet.
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Why Can’t We Be Like South Korea?

Is this the "Minitel" argument?

Wires in Korea

In the early 1980's France led the entire world in giving everyone in the country a computer terminal that could access online services. This was far ahead of the backwaters like the US. But in the 1990's the future caught up with France because the Minitel was provided by providers and not by a larger dynamic of the Internet that give everyone a chance to create services without having to assure that the provider profited from them.

Today broadband is very much like Minitel in being provided but only if the provider can make a profit.

It's has the same problems as Minitel.   What we need is shared connectivity as infrastructure rather than a service delivered through a provider's pipes. It's about ownership and the ability to pool our resources rather than being beholden to a provider. Or, in the case of Korea, chaebols who can spend on redundancy without resilience.

Why Can’t We Be Like South Korea?
When Internet access is slow or just nonexistent in the US, we shrug our shoulders. But in that small Asian nation, lousy connections are not tolerated...
By Susan Crawford
Jul 23 2015

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