Twit TV: Beyond Neutrality Parts 1 and 2
First part of Leo Laporte interviewing me about connectivity technical and policy issues.
13-Feb-2011Version 2: 2023-03-18 10:09:41

At CES 2011 Leo Laporte interviewed me on

He started out asking about “Net Neutrality” and I quickly noted that we shouldn’t settle for neutrality but instead needed to create opportunity.

While I’ve written a lot about this issue the interview format is very useful because unlike writing where I have to guess what the reader is thinking Leo gets a chance to ask questions and direct the conversation.

You can click here for the interview.

If you continue watching after the interview you can learn more about the history of the Consumer Electronics Show. That segment has personal meaning as I grew up in the consumer electronics industry with my father manufacturing equipment for repairing televisions though, as I explain in my CES comments the whole concept of television is changing rapidly.

Here is Part 2 (and on “Triangulation”)

Note that Part 2 was done using Skype and, apparently, I was stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 and while I’m far from skinny I do feel I have to point out that the stretching didn’t help.

I very much thank Leo for the opportunity to be heard and his help in reaching a wider audience.