Verizon -- the Saga Continues
I'm still trying to straighten out my Verizon service though I realize that the real issue is that landline telephony is a legacy business and it doesn't make sense for Verizon to invest. Their real goal is to become a video provider.
14-Aug-2005Version 2: 2023-05-28 17:09:26

My “fun” with Verizon continues.

I reapplied for FIOS. And again the Verizon database said it was available. When I got a call telling me that the installer would be coming in a few days I called Verizon to do a reality check. It took a while to find someone who accepted the concept that Verizon's database might be incorrect. After a few tries I managed to reach someone who found a deep internal database that had the real information but it wasn't available for normal use. I still need to check back periodically or watch for Verizon works traipsing through my back yard.

I then got the bill for my new service – the line I had to get installed in order to make the number portable so I could move it to VoIP. The bill was a strange document – it was the first and final bill and already marked overdue because the service had been disconnected a few days after it was installed. Again I had to wend my way through the support system and I did manage to find someone who could help me. After we got past all the confusion she reissued the work order and scheduled another installation. More important is that she gave me the three digits I need to provide in order to port the number. This time I won't have to wait till the bill arrives. I immediately filled out the form to port the number. At least I might as well entertain myself by seeing what happens when and if the work orders cross mid-Verizon.

I should be angry at this treatment but it made me think about what business Verizon was in – I realized that they are only offering 1% of their capacity for Internet connectivity and that's the real issue.