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Subject: [IP] more on FCC Plans to Erase Key Rule On Local Phone Competition

  • From: Dave Farber <>
  • To: ip <>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 07:16:28 -1000

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From: jordan pollack <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 11:35:43 -0500
Subject: Re: [IP] FCC Plans to Erase Key Rule On Local Phone Competition

First, I don't see how telecommunications could be hurting so badly.
When it was just Ma Bell, I was only paying a total of $60 a month.
Yesterday I paid my Telecommunications bills:

$70 Verizon Local
$70 Sprint Long Distance
$50 ATT Broadband
$75 Sprint Wireless
$40 Nextel Wireless
$45 RCN Blackberry wireless

Not to mention $2 in stamps:)

Second, maybe there IS something to a natural monopoly granted in
exchange for social responsibility. As Dave's photos from Pittsburgh
showed -
> I took these pictures right next to the Verizon building in downtown
>    Pittsburgh. The plaque was on a seedy dirty abandoned set of stores next to
>    the Verizon Building.
- ATT was almost a civil service. Bell labs was the envy of all nations.
Now, ATT Labs laid off 40% last year, including everyone I knew in AI,
and Bell labs is part of dying Lucent.

Meanwhile the RBOC's have the teeth and tollbooth of the former natural
monopoly, with absolutely zero social responsibility.

I'm sure Verizon is a great company and I don't mean to pick on them or
insult many employees who are friends of mine. But Verizon's formerly
great GTE labs doesn't seem to do any published research anymore, just
service development. And Verizon seems to be bullying states with
conscientious public utility regulators by selectively withholding and
depressing its capital expenditures.  (Bob Frankston and I were next to
each other at Ivan Seidenberg's talk to the Mass Software Council where
he said our state's share of the $14B capex budget dropped from $900M to
$500M in 02, and would likely go down further. He also said its
important for the software industry to lean on the state regulators let
Verizon have its DSL monopoly.)

If FCC kills Une-P, they should cancel RBOC's entry into long distance.
And phone companies should, like bank's fined for redlining, be required
to document how they put money back into the communities they collect
their tolls from. 

The unintended side-effects of deregulation make me want my Ma Bell


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