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Subject: [IP] more on Losing America [corrected URL and adding comment]

  • From: David Farber <>
  • To: Ip <>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 15:20:57 -0400

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From: Bob Frankston <>
Date: September 14, 2004 3:15:49 PM EDT
To: Dave Farber <>
Subject: Losing America [corrected URL and adding comment]

I happened to catch a rebroadcast of &nbsp;&#x2013; Senator Byrd 
talking about his book, &#x201C;Losing America&#x201D;. It&#x2019;s a good follow-up to the 
&#x201C;police state&#x201D; discussion on this list.


One point he makes is that the Republicans success in getting their 
party members in Congress to toe the line is subverting the 
Constitutional system of checks and balances. Though he didn&#x2019;t mention 
it I can&#x2019;t help but worry about four years to finish loading the 
Supreme Court.


It&#x2019;s not so much a question of whether the policies are right or wrong. 
The issue is the lack of checks and balances. To those who think there 
is just one &#x201C;right&#x201D; it may not be an issue. For those of us who have a 
degree of uncertainty this is frightening &#x2013; changing ones mind in the 
face of reality is disparaged as flipping and flopping and, worse, 


To misquote Barry Goldwater &#x2013; Extremism in the name of liberty is a 
successful operation with a dead patient.

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