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Subject: [IP] more on CompTIA question Bush and Kerry on technology

  • From: David Farber <>
  • To: Ip <>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:01:56 -0400

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From: Bob Frankston <>
Date: October 22, 2004 9:48:33 AM EDT
To:, 'Ip' <>
Subject: RE: [IP] CompTIA question Bush and Kerry on technology

I haven't had a chance to go through all of the responses but I was struck
by this paragraph from Bush in response to concerns about "content' on the

"I believe that technology will solve most content concerns. Software
available to parents to filter out pornography is helping parents protect
kids. Legal music and movie services are on the rise, with services like
iTunes and iPods revolutionizing the marketplace."

Those of us who actually create the technologies have far less faith in the
ability of technology to solve fundamentally undefined problems.

The other issue is a bit more subtle but I argue that the iWhatevers are
part of the marketplace -- they are evolutionary elements rather than
revolutionary. They are closed solutions that give only temporary respite
from the larger forces.

I'm not trying to judge each policy -- just reacting to the attitude towards
science and technology.

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