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Subject: [IP] Civil War V2

  • From: Dave Farber <>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:26:03 -0500

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From: Bob Frankston &nbsp;<>
Sent: 15/4/'05, &nbsp;11:16

Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue
Senator Bill Frist will participate in a telecast portraying Democrats as &quot;against people of faith&quot; for blocking the president's nominees.

My interpretation is that he wants to revisit the rational basis for our judiciary and society and give blind faith a trump card. This is very dangerous - a wil lful return to ignorance. My hope is that this will make the extent of the crises very clear and the remaining &#x201C;moderate&#x201D; Republicans and their constituencies w ill wake up to the dangers.

We shouldn't blame outsourcing and others for choices we are making to opt out of competitiveness into a world of fantasy where knowledge is viewed as evil.

Science is nothing more than checking against reality. One might have to rely faith in the absence of information but to rely on faith in defiance of reality is something else.

Frist is choosing to undo the compromise on which this country is based -- the tolerance of others' beliefs. It allowed a reality-based approach to come to the fore simply because it worked. I fear undoing that compromise both because of the ferocity of true believers and because of the economic consequences. He is rem oving the veneer and exposing the deep divisions.

Bob Frankston

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