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Subject: [IP] Spammers Most Likely Users of Email Authentication

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:08:25 -0400

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Subject: RE: [IP] Spammers Most Likely Users of Email Authentication

It's useful to couple this with the reports that those responsible for the
bombings in London were British.

The common theme is the notion of intrinsic properties rather than behavior
and interpretation in context and intrinsic ambiguity. 

The idea of identity can be very dangerous when it allows an instance of
behavior to be locked in as a property. Once you become &quot;an American&quot; you
are deemed intrinsically preferred. 

We see the flip side of this in profiling which imputes behavior from a
characteristic. We then deny ourselves the benefits of participating in the
world and tell others to just go away while failing to act on the behavior
itself. Makes it easier to mask the behavior by adopting a cover story while
making &quot;Flying While xyz&quot; a permanent condition.

It's as if Maxwell's Demon were not only real, but could discriminate based
on future behavior, interpretation and an unambiguous consensus.

Of course spammers would take advantage of identity -- as the article notes,
it's a seal of approval without metrics.

And those who innovate and disrupt -- what better means to isolate them then
identify them and ban them. Just like AOL presumes mail from personal
computers is spam.

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