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Subject: [IP] Microsoft Enters Municipal Wi-Fi Realm

  • From: David Farber <>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:57:41 -0500

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From: Bob Frankston <>
Date: November 15, 2006 3:46:37 PM EST
Subject: Microsoft Enters Municipal Wi-Fi Realm

I find this whole advertising-based Wi-Fi to be problematic. It isn’t really the Internet as I can’t use it to connect things. It’s really the Internet channel on television paid for by advertising – does that mean that my heart monitor will need to watch some ads or do I pay $20/month/device/relationship?

I’m still waiting for cities to finance their water systems the same way – Coca Cola is free but for $20/month/faucet you can get water without flavoring and without carbonation.

Sorry, just thinking about it brings to mind even more silly things

Parks with pay-per-stroll (

The air is free but breathing is expensive? (Sort of like spectrum allocation – creating billable events by licensing the use of numbers)

Microsoft Enters Municipal Wi-Fi Realm

Associated Press
November 15, 2006 9:20 a.m.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Microsoft Corp. said it will partner with MetroFi Inc. to build a free wireless Internet service for Oregon's largest city.

MetroFi announced it will launch the Wi-Fi service in Pioneer Courthouse Square, a popular gathering place in downtown Portland, by the end of the year and expand it to the rest of the city within two years.

Microsoft will provide locally focused MSN content and advertising through its new online platform, adCenter. The platform, designed to compete with Google Inc., allows advertisers to target users based on their browsing habits and data such as gender, age and location.

 . . . blah blah . . .

The new system will eventually cover 95% of the city. MetroFi will pay to create and maintain the system. The Mountain View, Calif.- based company said the service will be maintained through advertising revenue. Users can opt for advertising-free service for $20 a month.

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