250GB -- More collateral damage
Comcast wants to limit the amount of content we use but the Internet isn't just about video.
29-Aug-2008Version 2: 2023-03-18 10:09:41

Those concerned with system security and integrity would want to backup their data over the net to some place far away. Comcast isn’t even in this business yet they telling me that I can’t backup my data – 20,000 photos is not that much and it’s only a view captured videos.

Perhaps 250GB may seem adequate now but just a few years ago 250MB would’ve be seen as far more than anyone could use.

Comcast is also wreaking havoc on cloud computing – how can I trust my data to the cloud if I’m told that I have a cap on how much I can exchange with the cloud? How can I collaborate if I’m told I’ve collaborated too much?

It doesn’t matter whether they are protecting their VoD business – they’re misunderstanding of connectivity can do far more damage.

Disclosure: I have an investment in a company providing remote backup.