Trump’s Financial Naïveté
Trump has a very simplistic view of money. [From Facebook]
27-Sep-2016Version 2: 2023-05-28 17:09:26

This was posted on Facebook. I’m making it available for those who don’t want to sign up for FB.

#Trump is beyond stunningly naive about money and finance. He's doing lemonade stand zero sum economics which is totally inappropriate for a dynamic interconnected world. He thinks defending Japan is only about defending Japan and not about our larger self-interests. He claims to have made hundreds of millions of dollars and is proud to have paid no taxes and instead says he'll shake down suckers for taxes to pay for the infrastructure he needs for his building. He'll stiff some contractor because as judge and jury he decides whether they deserve his largess. He sees everyone as his servant because it's about him and nothing but him so help me Trump.

He says ISIS wouldn't have happened if we'd taken all the oil out of the ground in Iraq (how would one do that?) and then left a country without money. I guess he doesn't understand geology nor humans nor ...

He says he believes in climate change as long as it doesn't cost him.

He isn't capable of thinking beyond his next penny.