The Internet Story
The Internet is a wonderful story but we confuse it with the old story of telecom. In my talk about GlueCon I dig beneath the surface to understand how the two stories differ.
23-Jul-2009Version 2: 2023-03-27 08:43:16

You can now view the video of the talk I gave at Gluecon.

We tend to live by stories. The problem is that if we get the story wrong we make bad decisions. A story may be effective for a while but then conditions change and we try to stick to the old story.

This is a serious problem as we try to transition from the “telecom” story to the “connectivity” story. We resist change because we can pretend they are the same since, on the service, the connectivity story can look like telecom. Underneath, however, the stories are very different.

Since giving the talk I’ve added a sound bite: “We falsely attribute to “broadband” the properties of the Internet-style connectivity. It’s like legislating that the value of pi (π) to be 2.00.