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Re Stop Saying 'Smart Cities' 18-Feb-2018 Smart Cities are like intelligent networks. Instead we need empowering cities.
Facebook Posts 20-Jan-2018 (Updated: 18-Feb-2018 PDFAn attempt to catalog my Facebook Posts until when and if I use the ideas in formal essays and columns
Nationalizing the imaginary 5G Network? 30-Jan-2018 PDFThe proposal to nationalize 5G may be spurious but it is an opportunity look at how we think about networking.
Further Reading 18-Feb-2015 (Updated: 20-Jan-2018 PDFAny one essay can only skim the surface. For further reading ...
Got API? 06-Jan-2018 (Updated: 07-Jan-2018 PDF If you're home control product doesn't have an open API, then it's a niche product and not part of the future of connected devices.
Interconnected computing 02-Jan-2018 It's useful to think of the internetworking effort as a way to weave end points, initially computers, into a whole. The network is just a means. We need to look beyond neutrality to infrastructure.
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